ZeaLake serves software companies seeking to improve their software development efficiency and product quality through Agile practices.  We also provide services to VC firms seeking expertise in assessing the software capabilities of their investment targets.

ZeaLake offers development of software solutions through a unique type of Collaborative Contract. Other offerings are software development, technical and process consulting, training courses, and technical due diligence services.

For software companies – Coaching of managers and developers to use efficient Agile methodologies and tools within project management, quality assurance and software design. We do this by giving courses, doing individual mentoring and/or entering into teams for long term productive involvement.

For corporate clients – Development of software solutions using a unique type of contract: a Collaborative Contract, that shares the risks and benefits equally between supplier and client. The Collaborative Contract ensures a high degree of cooperation which lowers the overall risk of the project significantly.

For venture capital companies – Technical due diligence of software companies considered for investment. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of those companies within product management, project management, people management, software development methodology, software tools, quality assurance, software architecture and general soundness of the software code base.

ZeaLake’s strengths are based on combining competences that in other companies are often kept separate. We cover technological issues as well as management issues. We give advice and also do actual execution. We attain long term sustainability as well as small scale immediate successes. This cross-competence approach is systematically transferred to our clients.

ZeaLake LLC is founded by Lars Thorup, an experienced consultant with a strong combination of technical and management skills.

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