ZeaLake is a software consulting firm founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010.  ZeaLake offers development of software solutions, process and tools consulting, training courses, and technical due diligence services.  ZeaLake is founded by Lars Thorup and is built on his software development expertise and a decade of professional consulting based on Agile methodologies.

We are currently 3 consultants and looking forward to welcome a few more colleagues soon.

Collaborative approach

The company’s collaboration approach is similar acros clients, employees and business partners.  It reflects the belief that financial incentives should be aligned among stakeholders, and that trust and constructive contributions should be rewarded.  Thus employees’ compensation directly reflect the value of their work, and for software development to clients, ZeaLake uses a collaborative contract that optimizes quality, cost, and delivery on-time.


ZeaLake is located at Silicon Valley Pad, an office space for startups and small businesses.  The location is in Menlo Park near Facebook’s new headquarters, conveniently close to Highway 101 and Dumbarton Bridge.  We work at the office as well as on-site with clients, depending on the needs.