Why join ZeaLake

ZeaLake is a small software consulting firm offering Agile software development and consulting.  We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality software on time and on budget, in a close dialogue with our clients.

Being an associate of ZeaLake resembles being an independent consultant (contractor), but with the added benefits of an existing administrative setup, risk sharing, collaboration and mutual learning.   You will participate in building up a company and have opportunities to work with a variety of technologies in close collaboration with knowledgeable co-workers, clients and business partners.

ZeaLake is built on principles of fairness and openness.  Associates’ benefits directly reflect the value of their contribution.  High performers are highly rewarded — moderate performers less so.  Management decisions, company financials and priorities are internally communicated and open for discussion.  Also, we aim to consider the environment in company administration, such as getting our website electricity from wind turbines and do all paperwork electronically.

ZeaLake offers:

  • Learning opportunities in new and established technologies and Agile software development and management approaches
  • Personal growth and learning opportunities in experience at client assignments and internal work, and through feedback from colleagues, managers and clients
  • Compensation according to contribution
  • Access to healthcare insurance
  • Flexible hours, work from home some days, lunch and the usual office perks
  • Management experienced in establishing, growing and sustainably operating a small high-end consulting business
  • A budding brand presence in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • A well-established collaboration with a small well-known Agile consulting business in Northern Europe