Wizerize — The event management company Wizerize, now a part of BTS, serves leading global corporations by organizing and facilitating top-management meetings, corporate strategy events, etc. Their sophisticated IT event platform Wizer is architected and primarily developed by ZeaLake. Average time from feature inception to deployment is less than a month, enabled by multiple daily releases and weekly deployments. Read their story.




Connecture — Connecture provides software and services to health insurance providers, automating the process of health plan sales. ZeaLake assists Connecture with improvements to the technical practices of the engineering organization, through an initial assessment followed up by consulting on automated deployment drastically reducing the time to setup new environments, improving the architecture for client specific product customizations and coaching developers on JavaScript unit testing. Read their story.




Alteryx — Alteryx offers technology and applications for data storage, quality, management systems, reporting, and analysis of spatial and non-spatial data, integrated into complex IT environments. ZeaLake assisted Alteryx with setting up a Continuous Integration and Deployment infrastructure that substantially increased automated test coverage and reduced test feedback time from 24 hours to 20 minutes. Read their story.




Datalogix — Datalogix helps brands across all major industries reach the right audience and drive measureable results based on purchase-based audience targeting. ZeaLake assists Datalogix in their Agile transitioning by improving the efficiency of their Automated Testing and Continuous Integration platform and by coaching development teams in Test Driven Development. Read their story.




Scan Global Logistics — Scan Global Logistics is a worldwide shipping provider with a leading position in the Nordic market and offices in 187 countries. ZeaLake assisted Scan Global by assessing a software project delivered by a third-party, pinpointing performance issues and managing the subsequent optimization effort.