Development Process

When ZeaLake develops a software solution, our approach is based on a number of communication means that facilitate mutual understanding and increase visibility of facts and progress. This way, we can fulfil the desired feature set at a high quality level and within the allocated timeframe.

Our recipe for successful software delivery is:

Fast feedback – both ways.  ZeaLake delivers fast feedback on new requirements by frequently delivering new versions of the software. The client gives fast feedback to each new version and we can make any necessary corrections immediately.

Close collaboration.  To create the foundation for fast feedback we establish the means for an efficient dialogue, both electronically and by physical presence.

Understanding the business.  Good software is only a means — your successful business is the goal. We facilitate workshops and develop User Interface prototypes to make sure that we understand our client’s terminology, domain and business needs.

Simple requirements management.  A lot of time and money can be saved by simplifying the management of software requirements. The client and ZeaLake jointly maintain a prioritized list of requirements that we implement and deliver according to priority. We estimate scope and thus cost. The client is able to continuously prioritize.

Continuous and systematic test:  We believe that a software supplier has a duty to thoroughly testing their solution. We automate tests in order to maximize test coverage on a continuous basis.