Agile Coaching

When a team starts using an Agile methodology, we can supply a full-time or a part-time coach through the first 1-3 iterations. The coach will work as player-coach and be part of the development team, while demonstrating and training team members in the technical details of good Agile development: Automated testing, continuous integration, simple design etc.

The coach can work with the team, as well as leaders or team members individually, as needed. The coach will assist and provide feedback to the team and its stakeholders about learnings and adjustments. In particular, the coach will enforce team members’ and stakeholders’ shared understanding of their roles, the Agile process, and the project success criteria.

Example: TDD coaching
The consultant will pair with each team member when coding, discussing how to write automated tests for the code before implementing the code. The consultant will also assess test code that team members have written on their own, answer questions on how to do TDD and on the benefits of TDD.

The results for the team and the company will be three-fold: Increased competence for team members. Increased test coverage for actual new code. Increased maintainability of automated tests. The TDD coaching could be scoped for 20-40 hours a week for 3-8 weeks.

Read about one of our clients, Datalogix, where we coached their engineering team in TDD.

Example: Mentor for Continuous Integration Team
The ZeaLake consultant will hold regular meetings with the Continuous Integration Team to discuss the challenges and problems they face and suggest solutions that will work best for the team in the long run. Through observation and interaction the consultant will also evaluate existing practices and recommend improvements.

The results will be a more efficient team of developers who produce more solid continuous integration infrastructure and increase their know-how on effective continuous integration and test automation. The Continuous Integration mentoring could be scoped for 5-15 hours a week for 2-8 weeks.