Software engineers

ZeaLake software developers, software engineers and software architects can supplement and upgrade your Agile team.

If your Agile development team needs a boosting, one or more ZeaLake consultants could join the team for a while.  They will work directly as a part of the team, contribute to the development of your software in your environment, using the same tools and collaborating closely with the team members.  At the same time, the consultants will reinforce good Agile behavior such as automated test and continuous integration, and in general be Agile role models to the team.

Our goal for this service is to increase and stabilize team productivity through improving confidence in the method, software quality, team responsiveness, pride in achieving results, and work satisfaction for all team members.

We can work with any Agile methodology, whether you use Scrum, Kanban, XP, Disciplined Agile, or a company-tailored method.  The service can be especially fruitful when combined with coaching of managers and across development teams.