Strategies should not be thick binders of complex text.  A strategy must be brief and easily communicated to all involved.  ZeaLake can help draw up your strategy for Agile implementation, Test Automation, or Continuous Integration.

Example: Actionable Test Automation Strategy

The ZeaLake consultant will hold a workshop focused on the company’s or team’s current challenges regarding Test Automation. Participants in the workshop should be the head(s) of software development, including QA, Chief Technologist /Scientist and similar roles. Following the challenge-focused workshop , the consultant will develop a number of hypotheses and tentative solution elements, and will need access to the workshop participants as well as lead engineers for specific questions and technical exploration.

A few days later, the consultant will facilitate a workshop focused on Test Automation solutions, with the participation of software development top management as mentioned above. During the solution-focused workshop, suggestions from the consultant as well as the participants will be discussed and prioritized according to estimated cost and benefits. The consultant will write a summary of the prioritized suggestions from the solution-focused workshop to serve as the Actionable Test Automation Strategy.

The effectiveness of the Test Automation Strategy can be improved by a monthly follow-up meeting with the consultant. This will maintain focus, enforce actual strategy implementation and ensure adjustments to learnings along the road.