We offer formal training to introduce the basic concepts and establishing a shared conceptual framework in a team.

We have off-the-shelf training courses in Automated Testing and Test Driven Development and will be happy to tailor a training course or workshop specific to your needs.

Training material will be the slides and templates used at the training courses, supplemented by selected literature. We will typically tailor some written material to each specific client team and their needs, tools and systems — but also keep it short in order to focus with the team on doing actual work on the team’s task at hand.

For more experienced teams, workshops are a more informal way of introducing or giving brush-up of specific themes or practices.  The teacher presentations will be short, and there will be no artificial exercises. The participants will work hands-on with the teams’ own code and be coached in their real-world challenges.

When basing the training on the team’s own software, participants will improve their confidence in using the specific technology and Agile practices. They will have taken the first steps in their actual project, and be well on the way to becoming a more efficient development team.

Example: TDD training
2-day formal training containing detailed presentations, domain specific exercises and demonstrations on the concepts of Test Driven Development. Detailed topics:

  • Unit tests versus Integration tests
  • Test-first development
  • Test-driven design
  • Behaviour-driven development
  • Refactoring
  • Stubbing / mocking
  • Test data
  • UI testing
  • Code coverage
  • Maintainability
  • Continuous Integration

To achieve the best results, formal training should be complemented by coaching and mentoring of the team.

Training as well as coaching can be focused on the specific Agile practices the team needs the most, such as automated testing, simple design, continuous integration, pair programming.


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