Wizerize is a solution for interactive communication at large conferences. Most multinational corporations gather their high-level managers for an annual strategy conference to create commitment and initiate action. The Wizerize system facilitates a dialogue between a large number of participants, enabling continuous feedback and instant knowledge sharing.

“Much is at stake when a CEO summons his whole global leader team. Nothing is allowed to go wrong, and failure is not an option. Top-managers demand constant innovation, and Wizerize is the key to meet their demands. We create a dialogue in the conference, and this adds substantially to the value of the event”, says CEO of Wizerize, Flemming Fog.

Wizerize is a software platform that combines all types of content neded for a conference. For example, after the CEO has finished his/her speech, all 300 participants can instantly give their feedback to its content. A few seconds later the aggregated results will be shown on the big conference screen, spawning a dynamic discussion. Participants can discuss online or be asked to prioritize a list of strategic problems. Everybody will use their mobile phone, a mini-laptop or a small special device for the purpose.

Since 2009 the Wizerize software is developed in close collaboration with first the Danish software company BestBrains, now the US software company ZeaLake, both headed by Lars Thorup. “They deliver with a precise sense of architecture and follow a radically different development method. The collaboration is demanding for us as a client, but the results are outstanding compared to traditional software development”, Flemming Fog says.

BestBrains delivered the first operational version of Wizerize in 5 weeks, and a new version has been released every Wednesday ever since. New versions are tested by both the developers and the Wizerize team, and until now no major error has occurred during a live conference.

“We can change Wizerize shortly before an event to fit a specific client wish. Lars Thorup and his development team guarantee the architectural quality. We have an ambitious growth plan for Wizerize. Among other things, more features and platforms will be added, and basic functions will be launched as a web service. ZeaLake will be responsible for the architechtural and technical development and coordination”, Flemming Fog says.

Learn more on wizerize.com, now a part of bts.com.